What To Expect From Your Contract Hire +Maintenance Package

Thank you for hiring your vehicle from AMI Vehicle Leasing!

To improve your driving experience, we recommend to familiarise yourself with your Contract Hire +Maintenance Package.

When you take your car for any form of maintenance, please remember to hand over the relevant service card found inside your AMI wallet. It is essential to request the garage speak with us for authorisation.

If you encounter a problem with your vehicle and are unsure who will fit the bill, we are contactable on the phone Monday – Friday between 09:00am – 17:30pm. Alternatively, send your questions to service@amivl.co.uk

Included With Maintenance


To keep your car in optimum condition and running smoothly, we insist that all servicing be carried out at a franchised dealer to maintain the full manufacturer’s warranty. 

When you take your car to a dealership, hand over your AMI service card and ask them to speak with us for authorisation and payment.

The following are all included within maintenance:


  • Inspections
  • Brake Discs
  • Oil change
  • Filters
  • Brake fluid
  • Bulbs
  • Brake pads
  • Air con 

All you need to do is make a booking when your next service is due. To help you, the white sticker ( top left of your windscreen) indicates the service schedule for your vehicle. Alternatively, please call our office and we will be able to confirm your service intervals.

Fixed Interval

If your vehicle’s service schedule is fixed, your car will be due a service after a set number of miles or time. Keep track of both mileage and date, book your next service based on whichever comes first.  

E.g. A car 1st registered in Sept 2018 with (( 12,500 or 12 months )) service intervals could be serviced accordingly: 


  • 1st Service    // 12,140 miles  // 10/09/2019
  • 2nd Service  // 22,650 miles  // 08/09/2020
  • 3rd Service  // 35,150 miles  // 05/07/2021

Variable Interval

If your vehicle’s service schedule is variable, your dashboard will display a warning message when it’s time to arrange a service. You may be able to view a countdown to your next service by searching through your infotainment system, consult your vehicle handbook for details. 

If you require any assistance booking a service at your nearest dealership, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll assist you.


Your tyres always need to be fit for the road. When your tread is wearing low, a brand new tyre is available at any of our approved tyre suppliers. A supplier is never far; we have accounts with two of the largest suppliers in the country: KwikFit & ATS EuroMaster. You will find account cards in your AMI service wallet for these companies. 

When you take your car to any garage, hand over the relevant account card and ask them to speak with us for authorisation and payment. When tyres are replaced prematurely due to puncture, impact damage or vandalism, we will charge for the remaining unused tread. 

A tyre changed with more than 2.6mm tread remaining will be treated as premature.  It is your responsibility to make sure your tyres are safe and legal. We advise to regularly keep track of your tyres health, you can find a guide to checking your tyres here. 

Driving on poor tyres is not only unsafe but could see you face up to three points per tyre on your drivers licence.


Brake pads & discs are replaced under your maintenance agreement.They need to be changed when showing signs of wear. KwikFit are able to check cars brakes and often have availability on short notice.

Pad wear will be flagged at a service or some cars have a warning on the dash to show pad wear. However if you notice irregularities when driving, take your vehicle to a garage immediately. There is no cost to you to do this.

A brake fluid service will be authorised in line with manufacturer guidelines and recommendations.


Replacement bulbs are covered under your maintenance agreement. 

Emergency Breakdown 

You always have a recovery team to call in the event of an emergency. Your vehicle will be covered by the manufacturers own recovery team for a set period, you can find their number inside your vehicle book pack or online.

If this cover expires, you will be automatically transferred to AA Emergency Breakdown cover. When your vehicle becomes eligible, your office will receive an AA fleet membership card accompanied with a letter marking your cars registration. We recommend keeping the AA fleet card in your glove box at all times.

Alternatively, we are available to advise over the phone Monday to Friday between 09:00am – 17:30pm. 

Road Fund Licence

You do not need to worry about when your road tax is due. We automatically renew your vehicles tax a few days prior to the expiry of your old one. We will send confirmation of your new road fund licence to your company fleet manager.


Your AdBlue tank never needs to run empty. Your car’s emissions and performance are impacted by AdBlue which is why we will authorise your tank to be refilled at no cost.  

A notification will display on your dashboard when your AdBlue tank needs to be refilled. To take your vehicle for a refill, you can book an AdBlue refill at :

Halfords Auto Centre, ATS EuroMaster, your franchised dealership. Alternatively AMI are able to refill your adblue tank at our head office in Hertford.

Not Included With Maintenance

Windscreen Repair & Replacements 

AMI can offer support if you suffer a shattered, cracked or chipped windscreen. We have national contracts with several companies so you can find a recommended repairer wherever you are based. 

Inside your AMI service wallet are account cards for AutoWindscreens & Mark Sumpter Glazing; show your card to take advantage of repairs and replacements at a discounted rate. 

We will invoice your company, together with an administration fee for any goods or services these companies provide. If you choose to use a repairer outside of our recommendation, the costs are invoiced directly to your company. It is also a good idea to check your companies insurance policy as they may have a windscreen replacement cause.

Parking / Bus Lane / Congestion Charge & Fines 

If you receive a notice from AMI that you have incurred a parking fine, we recommend first reading through our step by step guide on parking fine representation.

As registered keeper of your vehicle, we are assumed as the driver in an incident. If we receive a fine for your vehicle, we write back to the issuing authority and nominate your company as the driver. We then alert you a fine is forthcoming in your name.

We recommend to settle any fines incurred promptly. When you receive the re-issued fine, you must pay before the deadline specified on this PCN. 

Any fines paid on your behalf will be re-charged to your company with an administration fee. We are available to discuss any queries you have regarding parking fines over the phone.

Bodywork Damage 

It is your responsibility to repair damage to the bodywork. 

Aim to return your car in a similar condition to how it was delivered. When you return your car at the end of its contract, your vehicle will be assessed for damage. 

Damage that falls outside of fair wear and tear may be subject to charge. 

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