What Is Business Contract Hire? A Simple Definition

Business contract hire is an agreement which allows a company to hire a vehicle at a fixed rate for an agreed period of time. (As the name suggests, it is strictly for business’ only.) The payment plan is an initial deposit followed either by 24, 36 or 48 monthly rentals in almost all cases. These [...]
hire purchase

What Is Hire Purchase? A Simple Definition

Hire purchase is an agreement which allows you to finance the purchase of a vehicle over an agreed period of time. It is purely a finance package and does not include maintenance or other added-value services. The lessee pays an initial deposit and then a series of monthly payments for the term of the contract. [...]
Finance Lease

What Is Finance Lease? A Simple Definition

Finance lease is only available to businesses, not private individuals. Your business can be either VAT registered or non-VAT registered. It is a very flexible agreement and offers a wide range of options to suit the business needs. Finance Lease Has Many Benefits For Business Set Your Deposit Amount 3, 6 or 9 payment deposits [...]
Parking fine

The Parking Fine Process For Your Hired / Leased Vehicle

The Parking Fine Process  As the registered keeper of your vehicle, AMI Vehicle will receive all parking charge notices (PCN's) that are issued for your vehicle. These include, congestion charge fines, bus lane fines, parking fines, speeding fines, LEZ & ULEZ fines. As we are not in control of the vehicle at the time of [...]
Personal Contract Hire

What Is Personal Contract Hire? A Simple Definition

Personal contract hire is a long term vehicle rental agreement, similar to business contract hire but set up for private individuals. The payment plan is an initial deposit (minimum of 3 payments) followed by either 24, 36 or 48 monthly payments. These are not payments towards ownership; they are for the vehicles hire. At the [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Van?

You see the cost of diesel at the pump, in the news, on receipts; gauging how much it costs to run a diesel van isn’t too complicated.  But . . . could you do the same for an electric van? How much power is needed to charge a fleet of 33 kwh batteries for 10 [...]

Business & Personal Contract Hire: Fair Wear And Tear Guide

When you take on a hire agreement, you will be contractually obliged to return the vehicle in an acceptable condition to AMI. If you’ve hired a vehicle for a long period of time, we understand there will be a certain degree of fair wear and tear when the vehicle returns. If you've not hired a [...]
taking a vehicle abroad,

Taking A Vehicle Abroad: What Are The Rules For A Leased/Hired Car?

It is very important to notify the owner of the vehicle if you are planning on taking the vehicle abroad. If a vehicle is taken out of the UK without permission, it could result in alarming circumstances. Failure to provide evidence that the owner has granted you permission, could result in a fine or the [...]

What To Expect From Your Contract Hire +Maintenance Package

Thank you for hiring your vehicle from AMI Vehicle Leasing! To improve your driving experience, we recommend to familiarise yourself with your Contract Hire +Maintenance Package. When you take your car for any form of maintenance, please remember to hand over the relevant service card found inside your AMI wallet. It is essential to request [...]

Ultra Low Emission Zone: How Much Will It Cost Your Business?

As of the 8th April 2019, most vehicles will need to meet new, tighter exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay a daily charge, when travelling in central London. This is in addition to the Congestion Charge. For those commuting through or working in this area, it is essential to know how these changes are [...]
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