AMI Vehicle Quiz: 10 Cars That Share Their Name With Animals

What could go wrong with naming a car after a South American wildcat? The original name for the Mitsubishi Shogun for the European market was ‘Pajero’. Derived supposedly from the latin for Pampas Cat, ‘Leopardus pajeros’.

Unfortunately, the word ‘Pajero’ doesn’t translate too well in spanish… check out the meaning for yourself if you’re curious. Nethertheless, Mitsubishi had concerns Spaniards may not want to be seen driving a ‘Pajero’. Thus, the SUV is sold as the Mitsubishi Montero in certain markets.

Mitsubishi may have struggled, but plenty of other manufacturers have had success with vehicles named after animals. Let us take you on motor safari!

We’ve put together a list of 10 vehicles that share their name with a species of animal.  

You will be given the manufacturer, all you need to do is guess which of their models we are referring to.

To answer, you will need to type the model into the textbox. If it is correct, it will appear in the table. You can have has many attempts to answer as you want. There’s no prizes for answering without making a mistake, so be sure to have a guess if you’re stuck.  You only have 5 minutes on the clock. To begin the quiz, press the play button and the timer will start.

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