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Hire Purchase: What Is It And How Could It Benefit You?

Hire Purchase  Hire purchase is an agreement which allows you to finance the purchase of a vehicle over an agreed period of time. It is purely a finance package and does not include maintenance or other added-value services. The lessee pays an initial deposit and then a series of monthly payments for the term of [...]

BIK Tax Rates

BIK Tax Rates 2018: What The Latest Changes Mean For Company Cars

What are benefits in kind (BIK)? ‘Benefits in kind’ are benefits which employees or directors receive from their employment that are not included in their salary or wages. It is necessary to pay tax on all of these benefits, including a company car. What are the changes to BIK tax rates? As of the 6th [...]

Business contract hire

Business Contract Hire: What Is It And Could It Benefit Your Business?

Business contract hire Business contract hire is an agreement which allows a company to hire a vehicle at a fixed rate for an agreed period of time. (As the name suggests, it is strictly for business’ only.) The payment plan is an initial deposit followed either by 24, 36 or 48 monthly rentals in almost [...]

Cars On Film Quiz

Cars On Film Quiz: Can You Match The Iconic Car To The Big Screen Hit

How well do you know your cars? This weeks we're testing your knowledge of cars made iconic by film with a cars on film quiz.  We’ve put together a list of 9 cars which have made a big impact on the big screen. These cars are all icons from cult classics, hollywood blockbusters and timeless [...]

Vehicle quiz

AMI Vehicle Quiz: 10 Cars That Share Their Name With Animals

What could go wrong with naming a car after a South American wildcat? The original name for the Mitsubishi Shogun for the European market was ‘Pajero’. Derived supposedly from the latin for Pampas Cat, ‘Leopardus pajeros’. Unfortunately, the word ‘Pajero’ doesn’t translate too well in spanish… check out the meaning for yourself if you're curious. [...]


AdBlue Explained: The Simple Science Behind Reducing Diesel Pollution

Why do we need AdBlue? Put simply, too much nitrogen oxide (NOx) is not good for the planet. Nitrous oxide occurs naturally as part of the Earth's nitrogen cycle, however human activity now contributes to 40% of all NOx present in the atmosphere. Diesel fumes make up a significant part of that.   Before the [...]

Vehicle Quiz: Can You Match The Slogan To The Manufacturer

This weeks AMI vehicle quiz is on slogans. The auto industry is a competitive place. Vehicle manufacturers wrestle for the most memorable slogan...we wondered which ones are bugged into our brains? We’ve put together a list of 10 phrases that are in some way, past or present, affiliated with a particular vehicle manufacturer. For example, [...]

GAP Insurance Explained: The Straightforward Definition

GAP Insurance Explained: The Straightforward Definition

Why Does GAP Insurance Exist? Imagine you’ve arrived at a dealership to collect your brand new car. Your hire purchase paperwork is all agreed. You sign the dotted line. Grab the keys. Begin to drive away. You pull on to the road and...BANG! Someone has hit you Before you’ve even got out of first gear, [...]

Emergency Refuge Area: Cold Shoulder For The Hard Shoulder

Emergency Refuge Area: Cold Shoulder For The Hard Shoulder

Replacing the hard shoulder with the emergency refuge area is becoming common across the UK’s roads. Why the rise in Emergency Refuge Areas? In 2015, the Department for Transport forecast a growth in traffic of up to 60% from 2010 to 2040 on the Strategic Road Network. One scenario showed that up to 19.5% of [...]

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