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New Audi A1

New Audi A1 Revealed: Pictures And All You Need To Know

It may be the smallest model in Audi’s range, but Audi have big plans for the A1. With launch due November 2018, Audi will be releasing a new model to tap further into the hot hatch market. The A1 has been a strong seller for Audi over the last decade. The outgoing model is Audi’s [...]

Connected Tyres: The Industry’s Vision For Fleet Operation

The future of tyre technology is an exciting prospect for fleet management. Perhaps 20 years ago, a car alerting you of a sudden tear in the tyre wall, sounds like a deleted scene from Knight Rider. But now in 2018, the advancement in vehicles electronics have completely changed our expectation of what a car should [...]

Ultra Low Emission Zone: How Much Will It Cost Your Business?

As of the 8th April 2019, most vehicles will need to meet new, tighter exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay a daily charge, when travelling in central London. This is in addition to the Congestion Charge. For those commuting through or working in this area, it is essential to know how these changes are [...]

MOT Changes May 2018

MOT Changes May 2018: What Do Fleet Managers Need To Know?

MOT Changes May 2018: What Do Fleet Managers Need To Know? Last month the UK introduced changes to the MOT test. As of the 20th May 2018, vehicles will now be tested under a new set of criteria. Most of the test is the same, however there are some important new items fleet managers should [...]

Hire Purchase: What Is It And How Could It Benefit You?

Hire Purchase  Hire purchase is an agreement which allows you to finance the purchase of a vehicle over an agreed period of time. It is purely a finance package and does not include maintenance or other added-value services. The lessee pays an initial deposit and then a series of monthly payments for the term of [...]

BIK Tax Rates

BIK Tax Rates 2018: What The Latest Changes Mean For Company Cars

What are benefits in kind (BIK)? ‘Benefits in kind’ are benefits which employees or directors receive from their employment that are not included in their salary or wages. It is necessary to pay tax on all of these benefits, including a company car. What are the changes to BIK tax rates? As of the 6th [...]

Business contract hire

Business Contract Hire: What Is It And Could It Benefit Your Business?

Business contract hire Business contract hire is an agreement which allows a company to hire a vehicle at a fixed rate for an agreed period of time. (As the name suggests, it is strictly for business’ only.) The payment plan is an initial deposit followed either by 24, 36 or 48 monthly rentals in almost [...]

Cars On Film Quiz

Cars On Film Quiz: Can You Match The Iconic Car To The Big Screen Hit

How well do you know your cars? This weeks we're testing your knowledge of cars made iconic by film with a cars on film quiz.  We’ve put together a list of 9 cars which have made a big impact on the big screen. These cars are all icons from cult classics, hollywood blockbusters and timeless [...]

Vehicle quiz

AMI Vehicle Quiz: 10 Cars That Share Their Name With Animals

What could go wrong with naming a car after a South American wildcat? The original name for the Mitsubishi Shogun for the European market was ‘Pajero’. Derived supposedly from the latin for Pampas Cat, ‘Leopardus pajeros’. Unfortunately, the word ‘Pajero’ doesn’t translate too well in spanish… check out the meaning for yourself if you're curious. [...]

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