Finance Lease

What Is Finance Lease? A Simple Definition

Finance lease is only available to businesses, not private individuals. VAT status is not important; your business can be either VAT registered or non VAT registered. It is a very flexible agreement and offers a wide range of options to suit the business needs. In the agreement, you can:   Set your deposit amount 3, [...]
Personal Contract Hire

What Is Personal Contract Hire? A Simple Definition

Personal contract hire is a long term vehicle rental agreement, similar to business contract hire but set up for private individuals. The payment plan is an initial deposit (minimum of 3 payments) followed by either 24, 36 or 48 monthly payments. These are not payments towards ownership; they are for the vehicles hire. At the [...]
New Cars 2018

The Top 5 New Cars 2018 Will Introduce To the UK

The Top 5 New Cars 2018 Will Introduce To the UK With the new year well underway now, the new cars 2018 has on the way are lighting up our radar.  2017 was definitely the year of the SUV. Will we see that trend continue?  We've put together a short list of new cars 2018 [...]
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