Minimum Tread Depth

Do You Know The Penalty for Breaching The Legal Minimum Tread Depth?

The UK Law On Minimum Tread Depth Do you know the law on minimum tread depth? January could be the worst month of the year. Cold. Dark. Tightened purse strings. Don’t let it get any worse. Keep yourself safe this winter. At this time of year, conditions on the road can be tricky. Even if [...]
New Cars 2018

The Top 5 New Cars 2018 Will Introduce To the UK

The Top 5 New Cars 2018 Will Introduce To the UK With the new year well underway now, the new cars 2018 has on the way are lighting up our radar.  2017 was definitely the year of the SUV. Will we see that trend continue?  We've put together a short list of new cars 2018 [...]
Electric Vehicles

Are Electric Vehicles The Future For Your Business’s Fleet?

The Government's Promise On Electric Vehicles As the UK enters the year 2040, it will see the final nail banged in to diesel's already measured coffin. Electric vehicles & PHEV's will be the new dominant force on the roads. By 2040, all new cars sold in the UK will have to have zero emissions capability. [...]
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